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Man Machine Interfaces (Ergonomics Index Page...)

Ergonomics is the study of human abilities and characteristics which affect the design of equipment, systems, and jobs. The terms ergonomics and human factors can be used interchangeably. The name Ergonomics was derived from the Greek words: Ergon/ergos - work; Nomikos/nomos - natural laws - control and orderly assignment.

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I recommend that anyone involve in the design and planning of buildings / structures / equipment interfacing with people should obtain a copy of the reference handbook as linked on this page . "Metric Handbook Planning and Design Data"

Information Pages

Strength Controls Work Energy Access Space Anthropometric

Links to Ergonomics Sites
  1. Design Bites -Human Factors and Aesthetics ....Very useful document 4.00 only lots of relevent info.
  2. The Ergonomics Society ..Forum for ergonomists and human factors specialists
  3. Ergonomic Notes ...A site providing notes on ergometric design...
  4. ErgoWeb ...The popular ergonomics reference site....
  5. Bad Designs ..Many interesting examples of bad ergonomic designs.
  6. Usernomic ..Site devoted to Human Factors - Includes a vast no of relevant Links
  7. System concepts Ergonomics ..UK DTI site providing a number of downloads including useful dimension and strength data
  8. Strength Data for design safety - Phase 1 ...UK DTI download of strength data
  9. Strength Data for design safety - Phase 2 ..UK DTI download of strength data

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